What we do

Rogue Foundation is socially conscious organization whose goal is to empower children in conflict zones and economically challenged environments around the world through art and creativity.

All projects are funded by event rentals at Rogue Space | Chelsea.

With each project we bring art supplies to children in need, giving them an opportunity to create, to express, to share and to heal. 

We facilitate projects where children’s creative power is utilized to create solutions to the challenges they face.  The effort is theirs and the rewards is theirs.  They paint their future and we help that become a reality.   As creatives ourselves we choose to inspire and elevate though creativity.

Where we do it:

We focus on politically and economically challenged areas where children are often underserved. 

We research and partner with local high-impact grassroots organizations that build sustainable solutions for their communities.  Normally they are operating on a bootstrap budget and would not have the opportunity introduce creativity and empowerment components to the work.  And we are happy to add this component.

We have completed projects in Cambodia, Haiti, Afghanistan, Syria, New York, DR Congo, Palestine, Nepal and Madagascar and Bangladesh

Upcoming Rogue Foundation projects are planned for Yemen, Tibet, The Philippines and Bosnia.


How we do it: 

The children’s works are exhibited at Rogue Space | Chelsea and all funds are returned to further their ongoing education and development.  All Rogue Foundation projects are self-funded by exhibitions and events at Rogue Space.

Rogue has made a commitment to creating positive social impact for children and young adults who may not otherwise have the opportunity to create and experience the positive outcome from that expression.  

If we are able to inspire one child to continue on their path to sucess, that child can become a role model for their entire community.



our projects: