I am Nepal

Benefit Exhibition

I Am Nepal Children’s Empowerment Art Project
Benefit Exhibition and Auction
Thursday, April 21

What we set out to do:

I am Nepal is the seventh in a series of exhibitions by Rogue Foundation featuring the work of children in conflict zones around the world, expanding on I Am Haiti, I Am Afghanistan, I Am New York, I Am Syria, I Am Congo and I Am Palestine.

In February we brought the project to support the children of the Mother and Children Art Foundation at the Jyoti Public School, Kathmandu, the Hillside School in Lapsephedi and to the children of Artudio in the Dolackha region of Nepal, which was very severely damaged by the earthquake.

The concept of the art projects is to give children, who usually are painting for the very first time, the opportunity to create and express themselves in color and to imagine and manifest what they want to occur in their lives.

From this process the children experience the definite positive outcome in the form of an exhibition and sale of their work in Chelsea which is a dream of established artists around the world. The hope is this experience will encourage them to try more creative ventures in their lives and within their communities.

What we accomplished: