Thursday October 25-November 1

Opening Reception, Thursday October 25 6-9pm

The experimental research of each artist of this exhibit is aimed at the observation of beauty and at the art's essence: art that lives on the edges of existence, in between reality and dream, in order to depict every boundaries of it! "We want to present the beauty of contemporary art and some of its points of encounter. Different exchanges, recalls, echoes of expressive means, and individual artistic identities (just as in the "nuances of dreams", title of the exhibition) act like different parts and fragments of a dream that surface and are joined together.

In addition to the personal style we want to show the relevant "trait d'union" between the various artists, despite their geographical distances.

Some works are iconic, some others are depicting reality in a more figurative way, others seek metaphysical dimensions that transcend reality; as if each artist is a single expression of a choral ensemble: contemporary art that aims to find, in different ways, a seemingly unreachable yet tangible beauty, like stars: distant yet bright.

One of the works is on the complex topic of Immigration: individual and collective entity (the fingerprint is personal yet a common trait of all human beings) , like dreams with multiple perspectives; a white light (the background) shines on the lines (of life, journeys, toils and blood) and unveils many nuances, many different interpretations. Each identity, opportunity, point of view, road, become a dream and the nuances are the connections between the different dreamlike visions. Chaotic crossroads intersect these different roads and the collective group keeps them all tied together, and gains strength from them just like in immigration the collective effort resonates more and more.

All Artists are in awe in front of the immeasurable totality of the absolute and try, in their own ways, to grasp it, depict it, show it, represent it.

Rosi Raneri, art curator

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